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Prabhupada was speaking about how there is no culture in the west as long as there is slaughtering and eating of innocent animals, Hare Krishna and this professor, she came or just PhD she was writing her thesis on how great guru’s of the west have influenced western culture, so she was asking Prabhupada, how do you think you have influenced the western culture, Prabhupada said what culture, there is no culture, where is your culture and he would not give up this idea about animal slaughtering, so finally she said swamiji I have a philosophical question for you and Prabhupada answered like a thunder bolt he said philosophy has little or no meaning without proper character.

If we want to have a society that will actually be happy united and transformed the suffering ignorant people of the world we must build our society on the foundation of proper character, that’s what vaishnavism is about, character to be trinad api sunicena taror api sahisnuna amanina manadena kirtaniya sada hari, Chaitanya Charitamrita says take this verse and put it on the string of the holy name and wear it always, humility like the grass, tolerance like the tree, offering all respects to others and expecting no respect for oneself then you could chant the name of the lord constantly, in the Siksastakam it is the progression, unless we take very seriously striving to follow these principle of trinad api sunicena and being respectful and accepting for ourselves we cannot enter into the higher stages of giving up material attachments, na dhanam na janam na sundarim kavitam va jagadisa kamaye mama janmani jamanisvare bhavatad bhaktir ahaituki tvayi, then next verse I do not want wealth, I do not want beautiful women, I do not want fame and followers, I don’t even want to be great educator, I only want your devotional service birth after birth, Ainandana tanuja kinkara, to be the dust of the feet of Krsna, to actually feel ecstasy when we are chanting Krsna’s name, it cannot be done until we pass through this gate way of humility, tolerance, respect and no false prestige, this is substance if we don’t live by these principles then all our devotional service is superficial, its external , its licking the bottle of the honey and not really going inside properly , we must have proper character, when Srila Prabhupada was asked by American reporter how do I know who is your devotees?, he said they are perfect ladies and gentlemen that means good conduct.

(Radhanath Swami Lecture)


The quality of our relationship with Krishna is manifest in proportion to the quality of our japa. Sloppy, deficient japa means a sloppy, deficient relationship with Krishna. Perfect japa means a perfect relationship with Krishna. If we do not have perfect japa, we do not have a perfect relationship with Krishna. Imperfection in our relationship with Krishna means that we are still flirting with Maya, the material energy. Such a love affair with the material energy is suicidal for the eternal living being in that it relegates him to rotate perpetually in the cycle of birth and death. Therefore to be saved from the clutches of the material energy we have no alternative. We must perfect our japa by diving deep into transcendental meditation each time we chant our rounds.

(Sankarshan Das Adhikari)

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Srila Prabhupada:

Krishna Consciousness means we should always be satisfied and happy. Not that we try to do some impossible work, become overburdened, and then because we are unhappy by so much trouble we lose enthusiasm altogether and give up all hope. No. Too much endeavor should be avoided. By all means we must preserve our spiritual status. That is the point. Not that we are mad after big buildings, many devotees, life-members, and this and that. No. These are only ways to engage the devotees so they may apply the principles of devotional living to some kind of work for practical realization of these principles. It is not the result of the work we want. If we only sincerely preach to one person a day, that is sufficient. Never mind big, big programs. So my request to you is that you do not be bothered by these things…. Krishna does not like to see his sincere devotee suffer or become frustrated or depressed. He will not stand by idly in such a case. Krishna has some plan for you. Always think in that way, and very soon he will provide everything to your heart’s desire.
(Letter to Tejiyas, 19 December 1972)

Perfect Friendship

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“In an ideal spiritual society, one no doubt does have millions of friends, but deep, spiritual friendship requires spiritual maturity. For a lasting friendship, friends must have a common goal, a common object of love. If our friendship is founded on pleasing Krishna without material considerations, there is hope of achieving an absolute and perfect friendship.”

[Rohininandana das, Back to Godhead magazine #24, 1989]

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In Kalyug…

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“In Kali-yuga, the duration of life is shortened not so much because of insufficient food but because of irregular habits. By keeping regular habits and eating simple food, any man can maintain his health. Overeating, over-sense gratification, overdependence on another’s mercy, and artificial standards of living sap the very vitality of human energy. Therefore the duration of life is shortened.”

Srila Prabhupada, purport to Srimad Bhagavatam – 1.1.10

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Individual Strength…

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Just like a flock of birds – although very intimately related, every one of them has to fly in the sky by individual strength. If one is less strong, the others cannot keep him in the sky. That is the law of nature.Therefore, individual strength is most important and that individual strength is achieved in the association of devotees.

– Srila Prabhupada

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Regarding astrology

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Regarding astrology, you should not listen to any of these so-called astrologers—strictly avoid. Don’t even see them. What is the use of seeing them? Astrology is meant for the materialist, but a spiritualist does not care for the future. Everything is dependent upon Krsna. So where is the necessity of astrology? The devotee’s principle is, let there happen anything as Krsna desires, let me remain sincere devotee, that’s all. Pure devotee is never interested in this astrology.

– Srila Prabhupada