Mood of the perfect householder in Krishna Conciousness

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Scripture

Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur has written a very nice song in which he teaches the perfect mood for householders:

‘āmāra’ bolite prabhu! āre kichu nāi
tumi-i āmāra mātra pitā-bandhu-bhāi

O Lord, nothing further remains that may be called ‘mine.’ Father, friend, brother-You alone are all these to me.

bandhu, dārā, suta, sutā-tava dāsī dās
sei to’ sambandhe sabe āmāra prayās

My friends, wife, sons and daughters are now Your servants and maidservants. Whatever care I take for them is only as they are related to You.

dhana, jana, gṛha, dāra ‘tomāra’ boliyā
rakhā kori āmi mātro sevaka hoiyā

Declaring that my wealth, family members, home, and wife are truly Yours, I continue as a mere servant to dutifully protect them.

tomāra kāryera tore uparjibo dhan
tomāra saṁsāre-vyaya koribo vahan

For the purpose of Your service I will earn money and bear the expense of maintaining Your household.

bhālo-manda nāhi jāni sevā mātro kori
tomāra saṁsāre āmi viṣaya-praharī

I know nothing of what is good or bad; I simply render my service. I am but a watchman set to guard the properties of Your household.

tomāra icchāya mora indriya-cālanā
śravana, darśana, ghrāna, bhojana-vāsanā

I exercise my senses only according to Your direction, and thus I desire to hear, see, smell, and taste.

nija-sukha lāgi’ kichu nāhi kori ār
bhakativinoda bole, tava sukha-sār

I no longer do anything for my own pleasure. Bhaktivinode says, ‘Your pleasure is the essence of everything.’”


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